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  Warnet User´s Manual  

1. Creating your first game.

Every time you are participating in less than three games, it will appear in your Warnet home the link “Create New Game” as to allow you to create new games.
You will be able to choose all the configurations of the game you create. For example, number of players, name of the game, maximum time for each round, etc. Below is a description of each game option:

Name - Define the name for your game (10 characters maximum).

Players - Number of players between 3 and 6.

Maximum round time - Defines maximum time the game will wait for a player to play. Past that, the player loses his turn.

Count exchanges by player - You can choose between counting a player´s exchange each time he himself get a change, or every time anyone gets a change. That is, a player´s change counts for all the others players.
Couting per game - A player wants to exchange the card´s ,will  be the first exchanging card´s on the game ,the player get´s  4 armies.The next exchange on the game the player will get 6 armies ,the next get´s 8 armies and go on and on....
Couting per player- Couting will be individually to each player, no mattering how many exchanging card´s already took place in the game.

Allow suicidal attacks - Defines if it is possible for a player to attack a territory which has more armies than his attack army (that is, without the one army which stays occupying your origin territory). For more informations see “Counting of the Dice” at the Game Rules.

Password - If this options is not left in blank, than only the players who know your password will be able to enter this game, making it a private game. If left in blank, anyone can enter, and then, it is a public game.

Confirm - Confirm the password in case you defined one.

Now click in “Create New Game” and you are good to go! Your game will be displayed in “Waiting for Players” untill all the players have entered, when then it will start automatically.

2. Entering a game.

In “Waiting for Players” stands all the games created, public and private. There you can see who has entered already and what´s the total number of players for this game to start. To enter anyone of these just click in the name of the game and then choose your army colour.

This  box it´s possible to vizualize this item:
Name of the Game.
How many players is in the game.

In order to get in the game  just click on Name of the Game then choose your army color.
History link will show who created the game,who is in the game.
As soon as the required number´s of player´s get in the game,  the game will  autamatically start.

3. Puting your armies in the first round.

When a game receives all the players needed, it will go to the window “Your Games”.
In that window the player whose turn is on will have his name underlined.
By the time it gets to your turn, you will be notified by email too.
In the first round you will be able to put your armies only.
In the next, you will be able to attack only.
From the third round on you will be able to put armies and attack.

To start a round click in “Start”, and then click on the territory you wish to put your armies.
There will appear (+) and (-) for you to put or take away one by one your armies. There is also the option to put all at once clicking in the arrow to the right of the (+) button.
Once you click in “Done” you can´t change your army allocations any more.

4. Attacking for the first time.

To attack is very important to know de attacking rules of the game. (See the rules manual).Click on your own territory and then on a enemy, remember  you only allow to attack territory that boundary.
Set the amount of army will invade if you win,only 3 will invade depending how many armies is attacking.Click ``Attack`` and good luck .
You can attack as many times you want if your have army avaliable.

Check it out how does the couting work´s  (couting  of the dices by the manual rules contagem dos dados no manual de regras).
To finish attacking click (Tranfering).

5. Moving for the first time.

To transfer select the territory of origin and then te destiny.Use the (+) button to set the amount of army will be transfer.
Click on ``Transfer  remanejar`` to confirm the transfering.
To finish click on ``Stop`` and next player will be able to play.

Check it out the rules (rules of transfering army on the manual rules)

6. Exchanging cards for the first time.

Each turn you will get a card if you conquest a territory.
To exchange cards for army you need to have at least 3 cards.
Note that  the geometrical figure must to be all equal or distinct geomatrically.
You don´t need to exchange your 3 card´s as soon you get it.
You can get 5 cards then you will need to do a exchange.
The Start buttom will be only able when you select the 3 cards.
You can only exchange your cards at the begining of a round,before you click Start, as you decide to exchange just click at the card check box  selectin 3 of then after that you can set the amies got from the exchange.

If you need more information check (Conquest Cards)
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