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  Our History  

My dad always liked to play Risk and I remember learning how to play it since I was little.

In 1992, age 12, I started computer programming and in 1994 I accessed a BBS that had a kind of Risk game. The rules of the game were so strict that made the game play a little boring, but it was the best thing for a computer that I’ve seen. So, I decided to create a Risk game for DOS using the Clipper Summer 87 language. I even started to design the map and the programming, but due to technical issues I had to abandon the project.

In 1998 I started to program Web systems and after a while decided to create the Risk game for the internet using the Web Classes technologies. Once more I failed. I had my focus all wrong, making the system more complicated instead of more simple.

In 2003 I learned to develop RIA (Rich Internet Applications) applications. They combined the Macromedia Flash technologies with a Web programming language. In this case I used the Microsoft.net language, witch I worked with for 3 years.

This time I focused in the game play, designed the functionalities and rules, registered my friends to test it, corrected some bugs and came up with more rules that didn’t existed in the original game.

During the development of the game I discovered the eWar, a web version of the game. However, it had a disadvantage: you must be connected to the game all the time during game play. At WarNet (my version of the game) the idea was that you’d be warned that you turn had come. That idea came to me when my dad told me that at his work place they left a game all set up in one room so they got together to play only a few times during the day and one game could last for weeks.

And that’s what I did: I told my friends to tell their friends about the game. After a while I asked them again to tell their friends and so on and here we are today just with mouth-to mouth advertising.

Were this will go I don’t know, but if you are reading this you are already part of our history and I hope that you have as much fun as me and my friends are having. Also I like to ask you to help when possible, reporting dishonest players and bugs so I can fix them (the bugs, I mean)

Thank you very much and enjoy!
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